About Us

The Slightly Quirky Ethos…

We love what we do here at Slightly Quirky.

We love the people we work with, clients and colleagues. We are passionate about the homes we work with and the people who live in them. It isn’t just a job for us, we never switch off; always hunting out the perfect piece, the next design trend or simply gathering inspiration for our next project.

We believe every project is individual because everybody is different and every home brings new ideas and opportunities. Therefore, here at Slightly Quirky, every project we complete is different. We don’t replicate ‘a look’, we prefer to introduce new ideas to every project. We love the idea of mixing different styles, brought together in a cohesive design…and not to mention the odd slightly quirky touch!

This is what sets us apart, we love the mix of old and new, we love the idea of making a space interesting and, most of all, usable and enjoyable. We are creative and imaginative with our designs and love it when clients are open to big ideas and suggestions.

Surely that’s part of the fun of hiring a designer: we’re here to introduce you to some wonderful styles, textures, lighting and design ideas to make your home the wonderful place you want it to be. We are here to work with you, it’s a two way process and we listen to your thoughts along the way; it is your home after all, so the final call is always with you.

Slightly Quirky is more than a business to us, it is a passion and a lifestyle.


Deborah Moor- Director and Founder

Deborah benefits from her 25 years experience in the industry. She studied at the London College of Furniture before founding her first soft furnishing company.

She founded Slightly Quirky in 2006 and acts as Head Designer. She has a passion for design and has an innate understanding of colours, textures and use of materials. complemented by her skills in space planning and bespoke items.

She is an accomplished artist, enjoying painting with acrylic on canvas


Caroline Nicholls- Senior Interior Designer

Caroline is a diploma graduate from the prestigious KLC School of Design, Chelsea Harbour. Caroline also draws on her 10 year experience in property sales and private development projects, understanding how to add value to a property. She brings her great design acumen, her creativity, imagination and sense of organisation to the team.

She has an impressive shoe collection, ranging from designer heels to ski boots.